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Boo! This week we discuss tween satanists, the horrors of Sam's accents, a sexy soup maker and a lot more on this years Spooktacular!

Happy Halloween (It's basically just another WAFB)

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Welcome to season 3, we're a little older and no more wise for it. This week we discuss crabbing & beers, lawnmower amputations, the joy of fatherhood, our biker gang "The Gentleboys" and Sam talks Pidgin while hooked up to a speech jammer.


It's good to be back.

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This week the boys are joined by long time listener and friend, Joe B. 

We discuss beers, video game, crippling balloon fear and balloon based cruelty by one of the boys, more beer and the greasy beast lurking under London!

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This week we talk through Joe's exciting medical adventures, Twin Peaks, Seagulls, BBQ's, Beers and the usual waffle. (This one is very boozy and waffley and we're sorry if we're extra annoying)

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 13: Full of beak!

This week the boys discuss monsters, presidents, what's legal and where, Sam's first time, why there is hope and approx a kajillion facts are jam packed into this 2 hour behemoth!

(This was so much fun to record)

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 12: Spooktacular 3



As is tradition we're all dressed up and ready to drink!

This episode was broadcast live on Facebook too, the first 30 mins is available to watch on our Facebook page!

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 11: Please don't touch our feet


This week the boys cover Greek childhood memories, Joe's tiki paradise, the best Florida defecators in the state, No Man's Sky, Star Trek Online, lots of booze talk and a lot of slurring and burping, it's a ruddy nightmare!

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 9: Brexit and Bring your own Opeth!


This week the boys react to Brexit and pay a couple of visits back to Florida.

As we fast approach Halloween, we're publishing the backlog before we can jump into the next Spooktacular!

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 8: Like A Stretched Out Scotch Egg


It's been a while!

Sam now lives back in Leeds, Joe has seen war, I think we're back for good!

Join us as we have a therapy session and very drunkenly unravel 2016 so far and why 3D cinema is terrible.

This one gets very, very boozy, you have been warned

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 7: Spooktacular 2

BLEAUGH!!! Velcome to the Halloween Spooktacular where the only really scary thing is quite how drunk the boys get.

This is a messy one DARE YOU LISTEN???

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 6: Yoghurt Truck

My word it's been a while! We're back but living apart!

In this episode, Joe gets legless, Sam gets bad boozed and the boys chew the fat and have a right good natter while they catch up!

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 5: Steve and Pea and Dave

This week we have not one, but THREE special guests and the most booze we've every consumed while recording.

This episode is loud, crowded, drunk, crude and stinky.

Strap yourselves in, it got loose!

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This week we have a guest on Mic, this is a beer heavy episode and quite frankly, we got wasted. It was mega fun and we definitely want to bring Nathan back to do another episode. So much swearing, so much beer, so much fun!

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What A Fool Believes Season 2 Episode 3: Baby Boy and Posh Boy

This week we absolutely BUTCHER foreign names, discuss hula hoops and aerobics to Brian Adams, eat posh snacks, discuss odd jobs, cliffs, childhood secrets and SO MUCH MORE!!!

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This week we explore the dark worlds of organs on demand, Limp Bizkit on trains, beer tasting disasters, things that will rain fire down on you and your colleagues, New Zealand vampires, Sam's ranking in the podcast world and so much more. This is yet another quite drunk episode, there will be giggling.

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Welcome back to What A Fool Believes. It's been a year but we're BACK IN THE SADDLE!
This is a warm up show so we can ease back into things a little, it's also quite a drunk show too. Enjoy!

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